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By Rochford Law Posted on December 7, 2020 at 7:00 AM

Nashville’s real estate market has seen an impressive growth spurt over the last decade. And while many pay attention to the residential aspect of this growth, the commercial real estate market has kept up with these changes.

More companies are moving to Nashville every year, and more properties are being built to accommodate them. This creates a lot of opportunity for someone looking to find a piece of commercial real estate of their own.

Office buildings, restaurants, and renovated buildings present a variety of options for businesses in many different industries. Those without a definite plan will find themselves overwhelmed with the options and might not know how to find their way to the ultimate goal of closing on a piece of commercial real estate.

However, a little preparation can set you on the right path to finding exactly what you need.

Here are five considerations for finding your perfect commercial real estate in Nashville:

  • To Lease or Buy?
  • Get Your Financing In Order
  • Put together Your Team
  • Find Your Preferred Areas
  • View Multiple Properties

To Lease or Buy?

Leasing commercial real estate is a great way to lower the overhead and dip your toes in the market. However, it’s not for everyone. But you should consider this as a possibility before fully committing yourself to purchasing a piece of commercial real estate.

What is your goal with this piece of real estate? Are you hoping to lease it out to others or use the space for your own business?

Questions like these will solidify whether purchasing a piece of commercial real estate is right for you.

Get Your Financing In Order

Commercial property is not cheap. And if you’ve decided to continue down the path toward purchasing commercial real estate, you’re going to need to get your financing set up.

The vast majority of people don’t have the capital available to pay for a piece of commercial real estate out of pocket. This means they either need to secure a loan or go into business with some investors.

This can be a lengthy process so it’s good to get it arranged at the outset. This allows you to move faster when you find a property you like, while also helping you narrow down your prospects by having a defined price range.

Put together Your Team

A solid team of professionals will help you to locate the best available properties and negotiate for the best terms. A commercial realtor will have the inside knowledge on available properties within your personal stipulations.

It would be very wise to utilize the assistance of an attorney to navigate commercial real estate closings. These processes have a lot of considerations that will have long-term ramifications.

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Find Your Preferred Areas

Nashville has a lot of unique neighborhoods. And each neighborhood has its own positive and negative aspects when it comes to commercial real estate. The trick is to find the neighborhood that best fits your needs.

So what are your needs?

If you plan to open a customer-facing business, you should consider things like parking and how accessible the property will be to the public. Is it easy to find? Is it a safe area?

And if it’s an office building, you should consider how the area could affect your business. Is it noisy? Are the streets clean? These considerations will impact your enjoyment of the property over the years.

Narrowing your search from a broad standpoint will help your commercial realtor show you properties that have a better chance of fitting your ultimate goal.

View Multiple Properties

You aren’t going to know which property will work best for you until you step foot inside of it. And the more properties you view, the better chance you have of falling in love with a piece of commercial real estate.

Continue to look at a few more properties even after you find the one you think will work best for you. If you’re right, the next properties you view will solidify that idea and make you feel better about moving forward.

All you have to risk is finding a property that is even better than the one before it.

Get Help With Commercial Real Estate Closings in Nashville

Professional support is the best way to come out of the other side of commercial real estate closings comfortably and confidently. These processes require negotiations and compiling a series of important legal documents.

Rochford Law & Real Estate Title has served the Nashville area for over twenty years. We know what to watch out for, what to ask for, and how to get you through the closing process and into your commercial real estate property.

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