The Role of a Real Estate Attorney

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By Rochford Law Posted on December 30, 2021 at 3:14 PM

A real estate title attorney can help with the varying state regulations and laws governing any real estate transaction. Professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to your property needs, a real estate title attorney will fight on your behalf. This partnership can provide protection for you during the entire sale process and beyond. An attorney may be needed if there are any issues with property services or issues with zoning during this time period.

Hiring a law firm to handle your real estate disputes could mean the difference between winning or losing your case. Rochford Law & Real Estate Title has years of experience preparing clients to testify and face cross-examination to achieve successful legal outcomes.  

Here’s what you need to know about the role of a real estate attorney: 

  1. Mitigate & Negotiate Contractual Issues
  2. Communicate & Negotiate Property Issues
  3. Clarify Zoning Restrictions
  4. Negotiate Boundary Disputes 
  5. Real Estate Law Firm Services In Nashville

Mitigate & Negotiate Contractual Issues

When the sale of your property is initiated, a contract will be issued immediately. There are a number of factors involved in this process, including closing dates, financial requirements, title clearance, and assets associated with your final property purchase. In any case of noncompliance with the contractual restrictions, a party may be open to litigation. 

In situations such as these, a real estate attorney can help to mitigate any risks that can result in more costs, and help to negotiate on your behalf when other contractual issues arise. A real estate title attorney will be able to provide you with the legal assistance you need in any dispute you might encounter from the opposing party in the transaction. 

Communicate & Negotiate Property Issues

Property owners are legally obligated to disclose any and all known problems with a property before listing and selling it. In spite of this, issues can still arise during the purchase agreement and transactional process. The buyer might be able to sue the seller if additional damage or extensive issues are not disclosed. 

From issues such as a leaky roof, extreme mold, and much more, a real estate attorney can not only negotiate alterations on your behalf, but can communicate these issues to you as they come up in the transaction. An average homebuyer will likely assume the property they're considering is safe. In the absence of an attorney, failure to disclose any harmful information could result in increased spending. 

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Clarify Zoning Restrictions

A property's zoning code and various boundary restrictions determine whether it can be used for residential or commercial purposes. When a buyer is looking to purchase a lot of land or a piece of property, a real estate attorney can clarify zoning restrictions since they will often have specific plans already in mind. Before you complete the purchase process of a property, a real estate title attorney can verify the current zoning on the property and help you make the best decisions that follow legal regulations in your area. 

Negotiate Boundary Disputes

It is important to understand that the boundaries of your property may not be as clear as you think at the start of the property purchase process. The practical application of a property line does not always reflect that of a legal one. 

Real estate title attorneys can help with boundary disputes early on, rather than waiting until the last minute or incurring unnecessary legal expenses. In the event that your neighbor builds a structure that crosses your property line after you have purchased your home, your real estate attorney can assist with resolving the issues since your attorney will have been with you throughout this entire process.

Real Estate Law Firm Services in Nashville

Rochford Law & Real Estate Title serves residential real estate and commercial real estate clients. Our Nashville real estate attorneys represent landlords, owners and tenants in various types of real estate disputes. By hiring our Nashville real estate attorneys, you will save money and ensure all aspects of your real estate transactions are handled with due diligence.

We offer comprehensive real estate law services including, but not limited to:

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