How Can a Real Estate Attorney Help Me With Post-Divorce Property Disputes?

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By Rochford Law Posted on February 15, 2021 at 2:28 PM

With 40% to 50% of all marriages ending in divorce, understanding how to properly follow state guidelines and divide your assets can be challenging if you find yourself in that situation. Family issues of any kind are typically sensitive and can lead to heated arguments.

To avoid any further issues throughout your marriage separation, lean on a real estate attorney. Seeking legal advice can be the turning point in your divorce. As more and more problems can arise from married couples separating, a real estate attorney can ensure you’re covered when you need it.

Here are some of the ways a real estate attorney can help you through your separation:

  • Check State Laws and Regulations
  • Get Ahead of the Game
  • Divide Your Property Assets
  • Tackle Issues With Child Care

Check State Laws and Regulations

When dealing with family, legal matters are guided by state and sometimes county laws. These laws can differ from one state and county to another. For example, what is law in North Carolina may not be so in New Jersey. In light of this, you will likely need to work with a real estate lawyer who is licensed to practice law in your state.

Such a lawyer should have an understanding of the proceedings and guidelines that may affect your unique case. Additionally, local regulations may also insist on mediation before taking the family dispute to court. A real estate lawyer who litigates in local court can ensure that you follow both state and county rules.

Get Ahead of the Game

Even if you’re on good terms now, the divorce process can make quick enemies of any couple or soon to be ex-couple. Thinking ahead can be smart here. Get ahead of the divorce game by working with an attorney to draft premarital agreements. This is specifically helpful when dealing with property disputes. With premarital agreements, you can buy a piece of property and not fear a potential problem down the road if you and your spouse separate.

While your spouse may not tend to play dirty, you can’t be assured that their lawyer will play just as nice. Protect your legal rights by hiring a knowledgeable and experienced real estate lawyer before it’s too late.

Divorce and separations in Nashville can necessitate the need for an experienced real estate attorney. Visit Rochford Law & Real Estate Title today!

Divide Your Property Assets

When filing for divorce or separating from your spouse, you’ll likely need to work out a custody agreement which can often affect your residency. You will also have to divide your mutual assets and work out details such as where the kids will go to school, retirement plans, health insurance, and inheritance.

A common source of contention in these settlements is the house. In many cases, one party wants to keep the house while the other insists on selling rather than buying out the other spouse. When facing divorce, you may not have the foresight to think about all these issues. A real estate lawyer can help you anticipate and strategize for the foreseeable and unforeseeable issues you may face. This can help you come to a more satisfactory conclusion after the divorce process and avoid complications down the line.

Tackle Issues With Child Care

Divorce or separation can have extreme consequences on family units. Custody agreements will need to address the changing needs of the children. As kids grow, so do their needs. A real estate lawyer can often anticipate future issues and develop a strategy that keeps your children’s best interests in mind. This can include issues such as where your children will call home. For some couples, after dividing their assets, one spouse will keep the current home and the other will move. For others, they may choose to sell their home entirely and reestablish their home elsewhere. Depending on the situation specific to you and your family needs, a lawyer can ensure that your children are at the forefront of all your separation decisions.

The divorce process is bound by laws and moral guidelines. These laws are subject to regular changes and revisions. It is best to consult with a lawyer to understand your legal options. This way, you can make an informed decision and get the help you need.

Working with an experienced real estate attorney like Rochford Law & Real Estate Title in Nashville, TN can save you the hassle of dealing with any of the issues stated above.

It’s best to cover all your bases and get through a divorce or separation with as little problems as possible. However, it’s comforting to know that should a dispute pop up, a real estate attorney can help find a resolution.

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